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Nostalgic Bengali Fare

Explore the world of authentic Bengali cuisine only at Iti Restaurants

Iti Restaurants is a one of the well-acclaimed Bengali restaurants that was established with the aim of putting an end to the unrelenting search for traditional Bengali food and the nostalgia experienced by the true Bengali food lovers. Although, the restaurant marked its inception only few months ago; but, within no time it went to drive customers and attract eyeballs as one of the most delicious and authentic Bengali food restaurants of Mumbai.

Bengalis are well-known for their dietary habits as almost every individual indulges in the famous fish or other non-veg recipes that are prepared by addition of appropriate amounts of varied types of spices. Bengali cuisine experiences a unique and eminent place in the heart of every Bengali as well as the non-Bengalis, who had the fortune to enjoy some of the wonderful and marvellous Bengali food recipes.

Some of the delicious Bengali recipes provided by this restaurant and are bound to form an indispensible part of your food palate once you taste them are Kolkata special biryani, Machher Matha Diye Dal, Thakur Barir Pathar Mangsho, Barisaler Ilish Shorshe and many more yummy and mouth-watering main course recipes. While some of the foods that form a part of the snacks and dessert section include Khejur Aamsatter Chatni, Notun Gurer Payesh, Chowrangeer Moglai Paratha, Bhetki Fish Finger and many more spicy and luscious dishes.  

The restaurant is located well in the heart of the city and also posses’ good connectivity. The on-time delivery, fresh and hot food serving nature along with a good blend of soothing music and clean ambience makes it a perfect place to gorge on some delicious spicy flavoured food along with enjoying the lip-smacking and mouth-watering Bengali sweets. Also, this Bengali Restaurants’ provides one of the best Bengali foods that is rich in its flavour and aroma and renders you pleasing taste and satiety along with being very reasonable and prices that easily fit in your pockets.

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